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A few basic facts about BKK ZF & Partner

BKK ZF & Partner is the right partner for you with more than 160 years of experience. We are a financially strong and customer-oriented company with steady growth. More than 100.000 people trust BKK ZF & Partner to protect their health.

With the choice of BKK ZF & Partner, you also make the right decision: efficiency, individuality, unbureaucratic, fast action, competent advice and qualified support are our strengths. Our employees are experienced and committed contacts for you at 12 customer centers across Germany.  

Information about your German health insurance


As an employee in Germany, you definitely have health insurance – either under the statutory health insurance system or as a member of a private health insurance company. If you become ill, health insurance covers the cost of medical treatment. Around 90 % of Germans are insured through the statutory health insurance system. We would like to introduce you to the German health system. You will also learn how to join us.

The statutory health insurance system includes the following benefits:

  • outpatient medical treatment, for example in a physician’s office
  • dental care
  • medication, remedies and medical devices
  • inpatient medical treatment, for example in a hospital
  • medically necessary rehabilitation
  • services during pregnancy and childbirth 

Comprehensive protection for you and your family

The aim of the health insurance system is to reduce financial risk in the event of illness. Health insurance forms part of the comprehensive social security system in Germany, along with pension, accident, unemployment and long-term care insurance. A fundamental feature of the statutory health insurance system is the principle of solidarity, because the insurance coverage is funded by all of the members. The sick and the healthy, high and low earners, the young and the old, single people and families: everyone pays their premiums. The amount of the premium depends on the income of each member, those who earn a lot pay more than people with a (small) lower income, or none at all. If your spouse is not employed, he or she may be covered under your statutory health insurance policy at no extra charge to you. The same holds true for your children.

As a foreign employee you would normally join a statutory health insurance scheme. The majority of the services provided by health insurers are statutory obligations and therefore the same for all statutory health insurance schemes. We also offer interesting additional services which we will explain later.

What does your insurance cover?

Every employee in Germany must have health insurance and pay premiums accordingly. Once you have chosen us you don’t need to concern yourself with this, as your employer will deduct the premium from your salary and transfer it directly to us. You currently pay 8.025 % of your gross salary contribution at BKK ZF & Partner. Your employer will pay you (an additional) 8.025 %. The maximum insurance cost is € 388.21. per month in 2022.

If you are insured with us, you are also automatically covered by long-term care insurance. For this you will be charged 1.525 % of your gross salary (for people over 23 years without children the contribution increases by 0.35 %). You pay a maximum of € 90.70 per month. Your employer pays an additional 1.525 %.

This is how you take advantage of health services

You will receive a personal electronic health card (EHIC) with your photo. This also applies to family-insured dependents. If you need to visit a doctor or hospital you present this card and then you are examined and treated without having to pay anything at that time. However, you do have to make certain legally stipulated contributions to the cost of medicines, therapies, equipment and aids, hospital stays and certain treatments. Please ask the doctor who issued your prescription or the service provider for details. Only services, which are neither legally prescribed nor one of our additional services, must be paid in full.

It`s so easy – how to get health insurance coverage

Just download the membership application. Fill it out directly on the screen, print it, sign it and mail it to us. And in case you have any questions, just ask us. If you want to insure your family members living in Germany free of charge, you can also state that on the form. You will then receive additional documents. Please also provide a picture for your insurance card.

We will then inform your employer that you are insured with us. You will receive a provisional insurance card in paper form in advance so that you can prove your insurance coverage immediately. You will receive the plastic card (EHIC) as soon as possible. Therefore you have to upload your personal photo here.

Download the membership application

More services from BKK ZF & Partner at a glance

”Good health insurance distinguishes itself by being there when you need it“

BKK ZF & Partner covers all benefits of a statutory health insurance. In addition, we also offer a variety of attractive additional benefits – for members and family-insured dependents.

For a healthy lifestyle

  • Health courses / travel – 100 % cost up to € 160 per year for 2 qualified health courses or a health journey such as AKON Aktiv Konzept, BKK Aktivwoche, BKK Well Aktiv
  • Inoculations – 100 % cost for recommended vaccinations at home 
  • Holiday inoculations –  cost up to € 250 per year for recommended vaccinations for holidays
  • Supplementary insurance – low-priced rates for individual protection of your health

For special treatments

  • Classic homeopathy - costs up to 100 % for advice and treatment by qualified doctors and pharmacies
  • Homeopathic remedies – costs up to € 100 per year for medicinal products prescribed for private prescriptions as well as for pharmaceuticals of phytotherapy and anthroposophy
  • Osteopathy – costs up to € 240 per year 100 % up to € 40 per session for 6 treatments per calendar year – after submission of a medical prescription

For families

  • Performance package up to € 300 per pregnancy costs for additional services (various tests, birth preparation for future fathers, midwife call)
  • Online offers for pregnancy with viMUM and BabyCare
  • Preventive examinations for children and adolescents – 100 % costs for examinations U1 to U9 – with reminder service from us – additionally U10, U11 and J2 up to € 50 each


  • Prevention plus health bonus –  all insured persons get a cash premium or 100 % doubling of the bonus as a grant for self-paid preventive and health services
  • Baby bonus –  for all preventive examinations during pregnancy up to € 50
  • Election tariff “Prämienzahlung” – up to € 350 bonus annually if no benefits have been claimed other than preventive examinations
  • Members recommend new members – € 25 bonus per new member for the recommendation of our BKK to colleagues, friends, family

Your local contact person

For a special service

  • Customer centers with competent staff
  • No call center - individual personal advice from qualified employees
  • Member magazine - four times a year, including information about our additional service
  • Online branch & service app - do paperwork quickly and easily digitally

Any questions? We are here for you

Postal address:

BKK ZF & Partner
Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 10
88046 Friedrichshafen


+49 7541 3908-3030



German is the official language of BKK ZF & Partner. So generally services and information will be in German. Of course we would like to advise you in English, as is possible. Ask our service team for your personal contact.

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